Vinod Ganesan


PhD Scholar, IIT Madras

I’m a PhD student at IIT Madras advised by Pratyush Kumar and Prof. V. Kamakoti. Previously, I was an Oveseas Doctoral Scholar at Purdue University advised by Prof. Anand Raghunathan.

I work on improving the resource efficiency of Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) and Deep Learning (DL) systems. This is achieved across three principal axes: Building efficient systems, efficient design methodolgies, and efficient networks.

I am also passionate about micro-architectural security - specifically on side-channel attacks and defenses. I have actively worked on building secure micro-architectures that detect and thwart timing and power side-channel attacks. I am fortunate to have Prof. Chester and Biswa as academic collaborators in these topics of interest.

I was an integral part of the SHAKTI processor program, involved in all facets of the chip-design stack from RTL design to post silicon validation of India’s very first indigenous microprocessor family: C-Class. The design was taped-out on Intel’s 22nm FFL process and SCL’s 180nm process and boots linux successfully. I was also leading the AI/ML accelerator development within the SHAKTI group.

Selected Honors